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Section 1. Short Title and Purpose.

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Section 2. Declaration of Policy. It is the policy of the State to promote the general welfare and safeguard the basic rights of every prisoner incarcerated in our national penitentiary by promoting and ensuring their reformation and social reintegration, creating an environment conducive to rehabilitation and compliant with the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for Treatment of Prisoners Republic escort classified.

It also recognizes the responsibility of the State to strengthen government capability aimed towards Republic escort classified institutionalization of highly efficient and competent correctional services. Therefore the prison system shall not, except as incidental to justifiable segregation or the maintenance of discipline, aggravate the suffering inherent in such a situation.

This end can only be achieved if the period of imprisonment is used to ensure, so far as possible, that upon his return to society the offender is not only willing but able to lead a law-abiding and self-supporting life. On a national scope, the Bureau of Corrections BuCor shall be able to completely deliver the actual realization of deterrence special deterrence and general deterrencerestraint, reformation, retribution, and restoration as major interventions for the treatment of law offenders towards a safe, secure, harmonious and progressive Philippine society.

Section 3. Definition of Terms. For purposes of this IRR, the following terms or words and phrases shall mean or be understood as follows:. Restoration — refers to a victim-oriented approach to crime that emphasizes restitution compensation for victims. This intervention advocates restoring the victim and creating constructive roles for victims in the criminal justice process, rather than focus on the punishment of criminals.

Restraint — refers to confinement to incapacitate or deny a criminal the ability or opportunity to commit further crimes that harm society. Retribution — refers to making a person able for offense committed, by serving sentence, community service, fines, and other means.

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The safekeeping of inmates shall moreover comprise decent provision for their basic needs, which include habitable quarters, food, water, clothing, and medical care, in compliance with the established UNSMRTP, and consistent with restoring the dignity of every inmate and guaranteeing full respect for human rights. The complementary component of Safekeeping in custodial function is Security which ensures that inmates are completely incapacitated from further committing criminal acts, and have been totally cut off from their criminal networks or contacts in the free society while serving sentence inside the premises of the national penitentiary.


Security also includes protection against illegal organized armed groups which have the capacity of launching an attack on any prison camp of the national penitentiary to rescue their convicted comrade or to forcibly amass firearms issued to corrections officers. Secretary — refers to the Secretary of Justice.

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Seniority and Lineal List SLL — refers to a document containing the names of all officers in the active corrections service, arranged by grade and in accordance with their relative seniority for each regular component, and by service to which they are appointed. Similar Professional Skills — refers to prison administration, resource management and engineering skills. Victims — refers to the casualties of the offense committed but is not limited to those who filed the charges against the offender but also include the family of the offender himself.

Section 4. The Mandates of the Bureau of Corrections. The BuCor shall be in charge of safekeeping and instituting reformation programs to national inmates sentenced to more than three 3 years through progressive, effective, and efficient administration.

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The complementary component of safekeeping in custodial function is security which ensures that inmates are completely incapacitated from further committing criminal acts, and have been totally cut off from their criminal networks or contacts in the free society while serving sentence inside the premises of the national penitentiary. The security of the inmates shall be undertaken by the Custodial Force consisting of Corrections Officers with a ranking system and salary grades similar to its counterpart in the BJMP.

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The circumferential security activities to be undertaken are:. The core security objectives of such activities are a to completely incapacitate inmates from further committing criminal acts, and b have them totally cut-off from their criminal networks or contacts in the free society while serving sentence at BuCor, to ultimately protect the society against crime as provided for in Rule 58 of UNSMRTP.

The circumferential reformation programs which will be institutionalized by BuCor for the inmates shall be comprised of the following:. The core objective in the administration of these circumferential reformation programs is the effective treatment of anti-social behavior and destructive personality disorders of an inmate. Progressive administration shall be achieved through objective intentconstructive approachand productive actions on every administrative undertaking particularly towards personnel, facilities, equipment, supplies, and BuCor lands.

This aims to subdue every subjective intent, destructive approach, and counter-productive courses of actions carried out in the years prior to the promulgation of this Act. The reformation programs shall be undertaken by Professional Reformation Personnel who are duly assisted by personnel on other professional lines of expertise consisting of Corrections Technical Officers with ranking system and salary grades similar to Corrections Officers.

Reformation Officers shall work on a one shift schedule except for medical personnel. Also included are repairs of vital prison facilities and equipment through civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering works, alongside with the maintenance of communications and transportation services, to sustain daily custodial and reformation operations. However, Engineering Officers, ased as duty drivers, duty electricians and similar duty asments shall work on a three-shift schedule.

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Such training will be different from the training of regular Corrections Custodial Officers. Section 5. Operations of the Bureau of Corrections. The major procedures of operation in BuCor through the prescribed organizational structure underscore a systematic workflow as provided for in this Act is described in the following:. The DRD shall likewise be responsible for the conduct of classification of each and every inmate admitted to the BuCor. Inmates shall be classified according to security risk and sentence. This is to ensure that an inmate will not be susceptible to acquire other criminal skills brought about by his exposure with other inmates who are committed to BuCor for different crimes or offenses, which normally happens in the present prison setup.

The Directorate for External Relations DER shall be responsible for pre-release and post-release programs of inmates due for release.

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The DER shall also evaluate, classify and apply necessary reformation programs to inmates for readiness to the mainstream society upon release, as part of the pre-release program. The inmate readiness programs are customized towards their specialization in the areas of educational growth, livelihood entrepreneurship, sports engagement, religious practice, and appropriate medical treatment. The DER shall also classify inmates according to professional, technical and vocational skills acquired for referral and endorsement to appropriate companies or corporations participating in BuCor On-The-Job Training and Skills Development Programs for newly reformed inmates.

In order to fully implement a successful reintegration of released inmates to the community, the following circumferential objectives are to be focused upon by DER, to wit:. These shall facilitate the achievement of the core reintegration Republic escort classified, which are aimed at the a restoration of civil identity by society upon restoration of civil rights by law, and b re-establishment of lost personal identity as law-abiding citizen in the free society.

The personnel of DER shall perform diagnostics functions to classify inmates for the application of appropriate pre-release and post-release programs. Administration of pre-release programs by DER shall be assisted by reformation officers. Post release programs shall be performed solely by DER personnel. Apart from handling inmates, the BuCor shall administratively operate like a standard government agency through its Administrative Directorates with internal control and internal audit units. It shall conduct its planning and management through its Directorate for Planning and Management, conduct personnel recruitment and Republic escort classified development through its Directorate for Personnel and Human Resource Development, conduct budgeting and ing through its Directorate for Comptrollership, conduct facility and equipment maintenance and other engineering services through its Directorate for Engineering Services, and conduct procurement process through its Directorate for Logistics.

For effective and timely discharge of duties, all BuCor Directorates shall have a commensurate distribution of the following administrative personnel: admin officer, budget officer, supply officer, finance officer, liaison officer, planning officer, record officer, monitoring officer, statistician, performance evaluator, and message center officer.

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They shall have a prescribed mandatory rotational asments among the clusters of directorates on Security and Safekeeping, Reformation, and Administration. Inmates shall undergo on the following classification upon admission up to their release:. Admin technical officers are duty bound to conduct ocular inspection inside security camps on a regular basis such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually, to monitor the actual deployment of administrative effects facilities, equipment, supplies, and personnel in terms of authorized quantity, quality and utilization.

Likewise, engineering technical officers shall conduct regular inspection to monitor the functional and serviceable conditions of prison facilities, vehicles and equipment. The Director General shall take into consideration the reports and advice that the medical officer submits and, upon his evaluation, shall take immediate steps to give effect to those recommendations.

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Gender concerns should be addressed in all planning activities, setting of priorities, allocating of resources and identifying actions and activities of the BuCor. It should also incorporate a gender sensitive perspective in the implementation of such plans and programs. Section 6. Lands of the Bureau of Corrections. A Land Development Board shall undertake the following provisions.

Aside from administrative purposes, all BuCor lands shall be used for inmate security, reformation programs and as a means to promote sustainability, both income and non-income generating programs, with or without partnership among non-government organizations, civic organizations or other government entities.

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As a way to maximize its assets value for the efficient and extensive reformation corrections programs for national inmates, the BuCor shall have the absolute authority to de, develop, formulate and implement land use development plans and policies. The BuCor may propose additional penal farms as may be necessary as possible, aside from its existing seven 7 prisons and penal farms among the remaining regions in the country where prison facilities are not present yet to facilitate proximate access to the outside society for securing support from family and community while serving sentence and secure acceptance from them upon release from incarceration.

Furthermore, this serves as a firm action and commitment to decongest existing penal institution and accommodate the increasing of inmates committed to the agency. In addition to this, the following facilities or installations may also be utilized for the purpose:. All BuCor lands shall have a Certificate of Title registered under its name.

This comprises lands in actual, physical and uninterrupted possession and control of the Bureau. The BuCor shall provide total security and control over its lands through its Reservation Security-Safety-and-Cleanliness Service RSSCS functioning like a Base Police Unit organized into companies and battalions headed by a reservation area Republic escort classified, which is equivalent to a camp commander in a military reservation area.

The Official Gazette is the official journal of the Republic of the Philippines. Edited at the Office of the President of the Philippines Under Commonwealth Act No.

The personnel strength of RSSCS shall be proportionate with the total land area and the population of the reservation in every prison and penal farm. Section 7. Facilities of the Bureau of Corrections. The BuCor shall operate with the standard and uniform de of prison facilities, reformation facilities, and administrative facilities, through all the operating prison and penal farms. Facilities with adequate equipment are major components of prison security that complement with custodial strength.

The Directorate for Engineering Service shall be responsible in ensuring continuous operation and maintenance of all facilities and equipment to provide reliable and competent security support capability. They shall have three-shift tour of duty in Republic escort classified performance of their respective tasks, among others, inspection, repair, evaluation and recommendation on engineering service matters. However, after Republic escort classified 5 years upon the publication of BuCor Manual on Habitat, Water, Sanitation and Kitchen in Corrections, such specifications shall be revised accordingly.

Type A Dormitory — above inmate capacity and lot area of more than 1. Type B Dormitory — to inmate capacity and lot area of 1. Type C Dormitory — 1 to inmate capacity and lot area of 3, sq. For a standard lay-out of a cell, the Architect or Engineer should have an overall idea of an ideal cell capacity so that he can de a dormitory building using the different classification of dormitory.

It shall be constructed to allow the entrance of fresh air whether or not there is artificial ventilation. Artificial light shall be sufficient for the detainees to read or work without injury to eye sight. The requirement for ventilation must be fulfilled and he can use the following parameters. For two 2 storey up to four 4 storey dormitory building, there is a risk for inmate accidents as the building is elevated.

If the building is very long, there must be a stairwell 20m apart and the end stairs should lead to the roof.

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