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In pre-revolution times, Cuba was known to tolerate maricones — up to a point. The larger population centres had a few gay bars, often with appropriate names like the Dirty Dick. Homosexuality was classified with prostitution and organized crime, both of which were thriving industries at the time, however illegal. By the late s, when Fidel Castro and his guerrilleros came to power, homosexuality was viewed as a form of capitalist decadence at best and counter-revolutionary deviance at worst.

Kansas Sluts

Little wonder, for it was a revolution spawned by machismo and which soon came to be marked by a close alliance with the USSR, another regime fostering openly hostile attitudes and policies toward gay people. In the s, the climate only worsened.

That same year, a national program was Havana IL escort classified up ostensibly to provide an alternative to military duty. Times changed. His niece, Mariela Castro, has taken up the rights of transgender people with gusto. Sex reasment surgery is now free to eligible citizens. But ordinary Cubans, it seems, are not ready to listen just yet. The city is now a tourist destination, and the bar in question is famous for its transvestite shows.

They also named a nearby park in Old Town that is a cruising ground at night. I asked if it is peligroso — dangerous. The effeminate one laughed. What about the park around Coppelia? No, they told me. It was closed at night a causa de los gais. Because of the gays. Little wonder: The Cuban Association of Gays was formed induring a thaw in relations between gays and the state, but disbanded in after its members were arrested. On the other hand, I watched a popular Cuban sitcom with a male character in drag.

A state-run soap opera, La otra cara de la luna The Other Side of the Moonfeatures an openly gay character in a relationship with another man. During the annual Havana Film Festival, held each December, many of the films have gay themes, and their posters can be seen in public. The glitter show ends at midnight …. There is a dive shop with Marlin 2km away in Tarara but it is closed given they are repairing the little harbor there.

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Across the road from the hotel is a Marlin beach set-up as well but no diving because they are attached to the Tarara site. But the blond women can book you diving with locals but she does not seem to understand that a days diving and a 2 tank dive day is the same thing. When our dive master Nelson arrived, he brought only 1 tank for the each of us, and because he came from Havana, that limited the dive to 1 tank that day. Not the first time she was confused I have been told. Plus 10 CUC each person for transportation to the sites.

The following 2 days we did 2 tank dive days through a friend of Nelson because he was not available.

Gay Havana: classic cars, Caribbean beaches & beautiful boys (Part 3)

These people work out of Hemingway in Havana. All dives were shore dives because they do not have s to take foreigners out in boats. They are Padi.


They took us east about 10 km to near Santa Cruz del Nord to a place they called Oil Wells and we dove to 51ft. Bring your full wetsuit, you will be crawling out of the water onto rock coral in a surf.

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We went west about 10km to the Russian Village concrete apartment blocks. You walk down broken concrete stairs into the surf and swim out meters to descend 58 ft.

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Another day we went down ft to see anchors from by-gone square rigger sailing ships. The diving is very good. Only Cozumel was better for the large fish. But here we found a very large variety of corals, flora and fauna. At least 4 adult drums and highhats, lemon rays, puffers, plus all the usual little fish. I will return for the diving here.

Because it was not a cattle boat dive, the 3 of us had time to look at the details on the reefs. There is limited snorkeling at Hotel Tripicoco. Straight out from the hotel bech, meters, about at least 10 ft below are grasses and limited coral rocks. You can see some bluehe and sergeants, but the distance below makes the view poor. If you walk the beach 1.

There are fish in the deep dead coral ridges here and lots of red algae, but it is quite a walk. I find your writing of great interest for the readers who travel with the intention of practicing scuba diving. In fact, Cuba,as a tourist destination, offers multiple options for the active traveller and, in my opinion, diving is one of the most attractive. I am sorry that you have such a bad impression of our hotel.

Obviously I do not intend to change your opinion, but I have to add some comments for readers who might be potential clients of Tropicoco. In regards to the atmosphere in the hotel, like the age of guests and purpose of their visit, there is already plenty written in other comments with opposing views. But sometimes I wonder: If our clientele is varied and of all ages, if we are visited by sports teams, groups celebrating family events, businessmen in long stays, couples in honeymoon, middleaged couples in vacation, female individual travellers, etc.

I feel that your comment on our food is misleading. The dishes on each of our buffet meals would be too long to ennumerate here. Lunch and Dinner always have, at least: By the way, the old floor in the elevator has already been replaced by linoleum. Hopefully, Havana IL escort classified S, you will not loose the adventurous spirit and will visit us again. You will be most welcome. We went to the Tropicoco last year for a week, and enjoyed it so much that we are returning next month and taking two other people with us.

I suppose if your prime motivation for travelling to foreign countries is to be treated like royalty and to be waited on hand and foot, this is not the place for you. However, if you enjoy meeting locals, interacting with extremely helpful staff and having access to Havana, a of smaller nearby villages, and a fantastic beach.

First off. We simply didn't have a bad meal there, not even close. To the contrary, the food was plentiful, well-prepared and had a lot of variety. Its actually one of the reasons we are looking forward to returning.

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The rooms. A bit 'rough' for sure, but they are not falling in around your head as some of these reviewers would have you believe. And really, how much time do you want to spend in your room?

Sluts in Kansas

Ours was totally fine for sleeping and showering, done deal. I mean complaining about the remote control not being there? Toggle asian gay escort rentmen. Gay escort havana Trailing slightly behind them came a third, gender-neutral.

Gay Havana: exploring the Cuban capital's classic cars & beautiful boys

Submit a tip In pre-revolution times, Cuba was known to tolerate maricones — up to a point. Finding gay Havana? Gays in Havana Cuba; Times changed. Castro has softened his stance on gay rights, but the rest of Cuba is still catching up On the other hand, I watched a popular Cuban sitcom with a male character in drag. Only saw 2 adult Queen Angelfish.

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The Russian Village was slightly the best. ZIP: 62644


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