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By celticdudeJuly 9, in Aircraft Carriers. Escort carriers CVE are slow, knots ships done to commercial standards and meant to protect convoys and give support on landings.

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Bogue class is good example of this kind of ships. Light fleet carriers CVL are cruiser speed small carriers made to military standards.


Independence class is good example of these they were made to Cleveland class hulls. They were meant to operate with the fleet giving air support and protection, not so much as assault carriers. Fleet carriers CV are the big fast carriers meant to offensive operations as well as defensive.

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Ranger is fleet carrier CV-4same as Wasp CV-7 even if both are clearly smaller than full sized fleet carriers made during the war. They might have received CVL classification if they had been constructed later they are in size similar to CVL Saipan classbut when they were build they were by all means fleet carriers. No way anyone would, should or could consider them "escort carriers".

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Calling them light fleet carriers could be argued in some way. The first, and easiest, is as a T8 premium in late war fit.


In terms of capabilities and gameplay she would be very similar to Lexington, maybe they can tweak the flight modules and squadron sizes but she would be mainly unique in name and looks. The second, more unique way, would be early war fit as a T7 or even T6 premium.

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To make the planes "correct" for early war, she would use a mix of T5 and T6 planes. So she would be like a reverse Saipan, lower tier planes but lots of them for balance. I hope they will read this post. Is it possible to obtain the Yorktown and Akagi in the game as premium ships for instance or a second line of carriers as you did for DDs?

By celticdudeJuly 9, in Aircraft Carriers carrier.

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Posted September 7, I think it would be awesome to play the most decorated warship of whole US Navy. Report post 6. Posted September 8, I see two ways we might get this ship.

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