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I am really only passionate about two things in life, Porn and Escorts, When I first discovered Back I felt a sense of freedom and opportunity. Everybody deserves that feeling of finding a chick with a banging body, bust a nut and go on with their day with no BS attached.

Let me teach yeah a thing or two! I even went out of my way to throw in super popular escort sites from all over the world. The Porn Guy has your back. Unlike other dudes on the web I only find the best and list the best escort sites. Escorts are one thing that i am really passionate about. I put in the work to study and find all the top escort sites in the world.

I only listed the ones with the highest traffic from the most credible sources.

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At the same time i threw in a few specialty niche escort sites. Like for specific regions, shemales, virgins and even just strictly rub and tugs. Yeah there is obviously a risk but hey the world is ending so who gives a fuck right?

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You pay like bucks for the month and you can find a side chick or two to smash for free with no rubber. And trust me those girls are down! Keep in mind this is the oldest profession in the world. Little known fact Jesus was born just 1 block away from a brothel. If you cant find a escort near you from my list then you have to move your hick ass to the city because where i live there are tons of escorts near me! If you aren't looking for your average call girl, or maybe female escorts are just not for you, then i have your back my friend!

The truth is there is most likely a variety of local escorts near you. TS escorts are becoming widely popular now a days given the demand.

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Pornhub is proving this TS escort fetish is getting some serious traction now a days! If you want to go get a dick in your ass then your not alone! You'll find a few good shemale escort sites to choose from in my escort directory. In most countries around the world and in the USA, prostitution is illegal. Sexual services cant be discussed or paid for.

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However the act of sex between 2 adults is totally ok. But trust me she'll probably be the freakiest and most satisfying companion you have ever met, who'll put your wife or GF to shame in the sheets. Hold your horses there cowboy! A lot of these chicks don't like to talk heat shit over the phone Usa escort classified obvious legal reasons.

If you directly talk about sexual services she will most likely ignore you or hang up the phone. As you can imagine I've been with tons of local escorts and escorts all over the world. I've hired these calls girls from various agencies, right out of strip clubs, rub and tugs, bathhouses, massage parlors. You name it. Getting an escort is really a beautiful experience.

Imagine a nice new beautiful moist flower in front of your face just ready to get pounded until you blow a load in it.


One commonality is when you arrive to see an escort they will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and like a king, Sure different escorts have different personalities, but their aim goal is always to please you. If your bored ass is asking me… Get An escort! For what!? Well, just stay tuned, I will try to get my hands off my cock and devote some attention to making an explanation.

Say, you are in a new city or a familiar one and want to spend time with some of the prettiest and sexiest girls to be had. Then you simply check out Porn Guy's top escort sitespick any one of the reliable escort sites in my stash and start dialing digits!

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These babes will usually be dressed to kill and can show you all around the city, with you both having enough fun to fill up several lifetimes. Escorts come in just about every imaginable shape, size, and color, plus all types of physical attributes. You can book some on the streets, while for others you need to make arrangements with an escort agency.

And yes, an escort is not a prostitute, as she is hired mostly to keep you entertained, rather than to fuck your brains out of that Mandigo that freely and rather menacingly swings in your shorts! For you businessmen, escorts provide an opportunity to hire a pretty lady and show her off to everyone that matters, including your boss.

Even better, nothing stops you from hiring these babes when you go to visit your parents in another city and have them pretend to be your new girlfriend or lover. That comes in useful when your parents have been pestering you for long to date and produce babes like mad! Escorts entertain and keep you company.

If you are Usa escort classified gambling type they can go with you to your favorite casino and make you feel less lonely as you battle with Lady Luck.

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If you are a more laid back type, you can take one or two escorts with you to a luncheon, or picnic and there have fun under the sky. Yes, escorts have a lot of uses, with new ones being discovered all the time. If you are the wild type, then escorts are perfectly what the doctor ordered.

You can take them chicks clubbing, go on vacation with them and have them give you the kind of erotic massages that makes you feel so heavenly you could flap your wings and fly! It turns out that if you have a phone you can hire a call girl. Depending where in the world you are you might have to go on a escort website represented by an agency to hire a girl.

Unless your min USCanada or really most first world countries escorts typically are independent. At the end of the day the routine is the same!

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Pick the perfect girl for you, pay for her, and have her meet you either at your place or wherever she is staying. The whole thing is very discrete too. The escort agencies are usually a little more pricey but they are aright! Less chances of getting robbed or scammed. I know if i was in a third world country somewhere i would go with an agency all the way. See, most escorts are very highly trained and skilled and speak multiple languages. They are perfect in every way too and could give any top supermodel a run for her money.

Their skills range from twerking to dancing, strip teasing, and giving sublime massages and all are entertainers who can converse with you on most topics and flatter you so well you feel like the biggest and most wonderful Usa escort classified in the world. And when you do get them in the sack, you will find them so tight you almost lose your mind and so expert at hard fucking that it is all you can do to hang on and not go crazy! Just read my reviews, view the girls in the different escort sites, and let your dick make your choice for you.

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And oh, if you do manage to find yourself cock-deep in one escort or the other, your wife or ificant other is going to be royally pissed if you scoop up one STD or the other. So, be sure to use a condom and keep that good dick properly protected! Ranked 1 Most popular sex hookup site in America — This site is just one big orgy fuck fest.

This is where horny ladies, married women, milf's, nympho's and sugarbabies go for straight up sex. Visit Ashley Masdison I have banged a few chicks off this site, The only difference from an escort site is that it didn't cost me to bang them Except buying booze Its totally worth checking out. This site has some serious volume of escorts posting ad's making it the most popular — Read Review.

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America's second most popular escort site — If you want to skip the BS then hit up skipthegames, Here you'll find female, male or TS Escorts. Body rubs, Phone sex, Dom, Strip clubs.

Basically anything to do with busting a nut — Read Review. The best all around adult entertainment directory guide — Adultsearch is a revolutionary adult search engine. Find escorts, local sex shops, bath houses and even strip clubs all on one site — Read Review.

Eros is a higher end escort site that lists sexy babes from all over — Read Review.

Bed is a one stop shop for all pussy, Check out this new up and coming back replacement — Read Review. Read Review. This site is another clean and crisp escort site. Its straight to the point and easy to use — Read Review. The legend of Back continues! Like back, find escortsadult jobs, body rubs, strippers, dating services etc — Read Review.

United States escorts, phone nubmers, reviews, pictures and videos — Read Review. Largest escort site directory for escort sites world wide — EscortSites. Erotic monkey is the 1 source for free quality escort reviews. This site can really help you out if you want to see if an escort is real, not a cop and not out to burn you — Read Review.



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