What Would Plants Say whether They Could Sing? by EWAO

Dog has always been seen as man’s best friend, but there seems to be a flaw in that superlative statement. In actuality, before the first animal allowed us to cultivate and utilize their species for generations to approach, plants laid down their newly discovered sentient life at our mercy. Whether this is a Holy transcendent agreement, or a necessity bred ordination by the law of the cosmos: survival, Plant life is truly the spine of mankind’s survival. We know they affect us mightily, from the clothes we wear, to the coffees chocolates and sugars we drink, to the homesteads we build, the vehicles we operate, the space we share, the drugs we consume, they purchase toxic carbon dioxide and create heavenly breathable oxygenated air for us. Truly as the most selfless and ancient beings on planet soil, they sustain our every breath, but finish we truly survey at how we affect them. perhaps, possibly it is time to redefine our understanding of their sentience.

In addition to the traditional five or (recently disputable) so senses that human beings experience, it is being discovered that plants possess an additional 15 additional-sensory perceptions, that when a human being taps into we even call it evolutionary ascension.  This includes but is not limited to the insight, measurement, and impeccably tailor-made reaction to many natural chemical airborne gradients, magnetic field recognition, highly developed sustenance hunting skills, communication, and even what could only be perceived as maternal care.

So why finish we see so itsy-bitsy in common with them whether they are such advanced spiritual giants outnumbering every other organism combined on soil at a 9:1 ratio? The reply is simple, they exist at an inconceivably slower time scale than any other earthly sentience. So how finish we bridge this gap in order to total our own ascension with their Heavenly guidance, when we seem to lack such the basic listening skills needed to perceive their wisdom?

This too has an reply, but is not so simple.  Originally stemming from the Wheatstone bridge, the U1 device can synthesize vibrational hiccups in the plants’ communications, into digital instruments.  This is similar to technology we exercise to discern the energetic shifts of output in animals, we most closely relate these vibrational discrepancies and redundancies in patterns, as our knowledge of emotion. So I beseech you, on behalf of 90% of the world’s emotionally communicative  sentient life, listen to the timelessness of what they bear to say.  Listening to this technology has changed my life, totality is alive. whether the planet is a living neural pathway of communicative splendor, then plants are the limbic system. purchase a listen below, and meditate on the global consciousness of the meaning of the word ‘Agape’.


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