Trevor Noah Calls Donald Trump A Penis-Shaped, Extinction-Level Asteroid – Huffington Post

As host of “The Daily note,” Trevor Noah considers himself to be a storm chaser these days.

“You will advance to find when there is a opportunity of extinction, people tend to tune in,” Noah said to a sold-out crowd at Symphony Space in fresh York City final night. “I feel sort of the same way a weatherman does when a tornado is on the horizon.”

But as Noah went on to record, a tornado isn’t actually the right metaphor for the presidency of Donald Trump, which he sees as much more outlandish, yet still destructive.

“Donald Trump is obviously a terrifying prospect to the world,” Noah continued. ”[But] he’s confusing … Donald Trump is essentially a paradox. He is, on the one hand, terrifying, particularly the conception of him being in control of the most powerful nation in the world. On the other hand, everyday we laugh.”

Expanding on an conception he had proposed on “The Daily note” YouTube page in May, Noah delivered a more fitting (and lewder) metaphor. “I struggle with these emotions everyday,” he said. “It’s nearly as whether there’s a giant asteroid headed to the soil, but it’s shaped like a penis. I consider I’m going to die, but I know I’m going to laugh.”

This event at Symphony Space was a partnership with Strand Bookstore to promote Noah’s 2016 memoir, Born a Crime. Noah had much to say approximately Trump.

In one particularly salient comment that received a rapturous response from the audience, Noah spoke approximately how Trump will likely be the person who will successfully stop Trump.

I consider I’m going to die, but I know I’m going to laugh.
Trevor Noah on Donald Trump’s presidency

“The only thing saving America is the resistance, and not resistance of the people, resistance of Donald Trump,” Noah said, at first a bit confusingly. Then he continued, “I consider he’s doing a great, brilliant job of obstructing himself and the Republicans. You cannot deny he’s only the greatest ally to Democrats and to people who are not for his agenda.”

Finishing the thought, Noah said, “It’s a irrational world to be in, when you believe to thank him for blocking him.”

Later, returning to the weather metaphor from before, Noah spun the dire situation into a hopeful scenario in which America will become stronger whether it survives.

“I consider Donald Trump is going to be the stress test of America’s democracy,” said Noah. “He’s going to expose whole of those leaks. For a long time America has had a rickety house that hasn’t been renovated, and now the storm that is Trump is approaching and you’re going to see whole of the leaks in the roof.”

With the more positive spin, he continued, “whether anything, that is the one shimmering side of Donald Trump ― is that whether America survives him and whether America is vigilant enough to reply to what they learn from Donald Trump, you can then realize everything you need to face within a democracy that’s based on a really solid foundation.”

Of course that survival remains an whether. Is there truly a roof that could survive a penis-shaped asteroid?

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