This Is every bit of The Crazy That's Led To The Swedish Government Possibly Having To Resign by BuzzFeed

Here’s a rush-down of some of the information alleged to hold been leaked or made available:

* Names, photographs, domestic addresses of Swedish Air Force fighter pilots.

* Personal information relating to the military’s personnel in top units, equivalent to the British SAS or US’s SEAL teams.

* List of weight, model, type of military hardware currently in exercise by Swedish forces.

* As many as two police registry databases, including (again) names, photos, domestic addresses of those listed on it.

* Information approximately those on the witness relocation program.

Pirate Party founder Rik Falkvinge, head of privacy at a VPN provider, claimed the data release “exposed and leaked every conceivable top secret database”.

And this is who had access to every bit of the information:

* Personnel in the Czech Republic, contracted out to IBM, had access to every bit of the data and logs within the Swedish database.

* Meanwhile, contractors in Serbia managed firewalls and communications, so workers may hold also been able to monitor what information was being shared between the Transport Agency and 24 other Swedish government agencies, according to Dagens Nyheter.

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