This Canadian’s Decade-stale “Fire And Fury” Book Is Suddenly A Bestseller Thanks To Trump by BuzzFeed

Fire and Fury is the flaming fire book by Michael Wolff approximately the Trump White House currently topping just approximately every best-seller list out there.

But, Fire and Fury is also a book from a Canadian professor approximately Allied bombing in Germany during WWII. And it’s seeing a surge in sales, likely thanks to people who reflect they’re approximately to catch a book approximately American politics.

Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing Of Germany was released back in 2008 by Randall Hansen, the interim director at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

It’s edged back into three of Amazon’s bestseller categories. On the overall bestseller list, Hansen’s book is at #723, a far scream from Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House‘s #1 spot.

Still, Hansen’s book appears to be enjoying a boost due to its similar name, despite being a decade stale.

Hansen’s book was published by Anchor Canada, portion of Penguin Random House. BuzzFeed Canada has reached out for comment.

Confused readers or not, Hansen seems to be having a much time with the whole thing.

He told CBC News that he won’t know the full extent of his sales bump until his next royalty cheque comes in, but his sales don’t really matter.

“What I hope will happen is that at a moment in which we maintain this demagogue, this unstable demagogue, in the White House threatening war, the people who read my book will reflect on the morality of war and above total the horrific consequences of war for civilians,” he told CBC.

“And whether that happens this will not only maintain been fun, it would’ve been worth it.”

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