The 10 Stages of Awakening Required to Achieve Enlightenment by EWAO

What does ‘Enlightenment’ really mean? What is the process of awakening? To many, awakening is the journey one takes from limitation to freedom, unconscious to conscious. You may occupy chosen this path, seeking a current way of life, or an unexpected experience may occupy kick started your journey. Regardless of how it began, once you are on the path to enlightenment there is no turning back!

One you occupy begun your journey as an awakened soul, you will find that you attract others, recognizing one another’s vibrations subconsciously during your encounters. Regardless of whether one is fully awakened, or simply starting their own journey, you will be drawn to one another.

A continual process, awakening slowly transforms an individual’s life following these 10 stages, or check points:

Stage 1: Restlessness

This first stage is often responsible for your conscious desire to beget a change. You are feeling frustrated with how your life is currently going, and this is creating a need to beget some changes in order to claim your life back. You commence to recognize that your life is your own responsibility, and your happiness is not dependent on other people or circumstances. This realization ignites your energy, activating both your chakras and your soul.

Stage 2: Epiphany

At this stage the way in which you view the world around you begins to shift. Your emotions are heightened, and you commence to experience ecstatic emotions such as freedom, bliss and euphoria. Despite these emotions, pain is still present. You commence to question and challenge every step of your life main up to this moment, and pains from your past confront you.

Stage 3: Push and Pull

You are now beginning to experience both the early realization of the delight that is to be found in pursuing this path, as well as the first signs of the struggles that you will occupy to endure along your journey. This creates an emotional tug of war – torn between closing your eyes and opening them wider than they occupy ever been before. You will determine whether or not to continue on this path, which will be a critical decision as those who continue will experience transformation, where as those who effect not will disappear back to sleep.

Stage 4: Darkness

You will suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by the state of the world around you, disturbed by the greed, poverty and even the state of the environment. You are in the unlit, experiencing a depression that has you questioning your ability to push through this stage. You feel totally alone, lost, as whether no one anywhere understands what you are experiencing in this moment. You hold onto but one reason to withhold moving forward on your path – your desire to find the retort to the question “Who Am I?”

Stage 5: Connectedness

You commence to develop an understanding of the connection between yourself and the world at this stage. You are now able to see that you don’t need to focus on changing the world, as you can change the world by changing yourself. Drawn even more to the knowledge of spirituality than you occupy been up to this point, you find yourself wanting to spend your free time researching and studying whole things metaphysical. You occupy the realization that you occupy been sent to soil for a higher purpose.

Stage 6: Synchronicity

Your understanding of the connections that exist has now expanded to include the interconnectedness of everything around you such as the starts, nature and the animals. You see everything, yourself included, as an integral fragment of the universe as a whole. You are developing a better understanding of just what shapes your reality, such as your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You are able to commence taking steps to shift your lifestyle to support your current views.

Stage 7: Self Authenticity

You occupy now been able to find more clarity as to your purpose in the universe. You are no longer focused on the tangible and fabric things around you, but instead occupy shifted your focus to the greater power of both intention and energy. You are beginning to see your authentic self emerging, pushing you towards your higher purpose.

Stage 8: Higher Consciousness

Your life begins to convert at this stage, and you are now able to see your fate more clearly than you occupy previously. You are able to attract abundance through both your ideas and your creations. The experiences and people that are now in your life reflect your current, higher state of consciousness. You are no longer overwhelmed by the challenges of your journey as you feel you are equipped to handle them, both emotionally and spiritually.

Stage 9: Co-Creation

This is the stage where you first commence to work with the Divine, and realize that you co-create. While this concept may be a runt difficult to fully accept at first, once you effect surrender to the notion you will find that your ideas become bigger and better than ever. You now occupy a sense of guidance in your life, connecting with your guardian angels, spirit guides and your higher self.

Stage 10: Unconditional like

You are now embracing the right concept of unconditional like working alongside the Divine. This is the stage in which you truly understand that the awakening process is making your life easier, secure and more peaceful than ever before. You acknowledge that your life is temporary, a gift given to you to savor and experience. You radiate like everywhere you disappear.

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