People Are Sharing A Fake News yarn approximately Rihanna Donating Millions Of Dollars To Sierra Leone by BuzzFeed

The fallacious claims appeared on a website called Global News in an article called “Rihanna donates whopping sum of money to Sierra Leone’s mudslide victims.” The mudslide has been described as one of Africa’s worst flooding-related disasters in years.

In the article, the website claimed that Rihanna wanted to support the rescue, recovery, and cleanup effort in the West African country. Global News also included quotes in its article, which it claimed were from Rihanna:

“It is a humanitarian gesture an act of solidarity and support for a brotherly affected people. My thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone.

“My initiative ClaraLionel Foundation (CLF) is donating $2M to Sierra Leone to assist and house victims of the mudslide in Freetown that has rendered people homeless. The fund is intended to supply shelter, food, clothing, and medicines.”

“Like many around the world, we are devastated by the tragic mudslide in Sierra Leone,” the spokesperson said.

“Yet, we gain to address that the entirety of the yarn reported in Barbados nowadays and later re-posted on Global News is unfaithful and totally inaccurate. The Barbados nowadays yarn has since been removed to reflect this.”

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