Palmistry: whether These 2 Lines On Your Palm Match Up, It Means Something Incredible! by EWAO

Palmistry is the art of reading a human being’s future by scrutinizing and analyzing the lines on the palms of their hands. It turns out that palmistry is an ancient practice which has been undertaken in India, Tibet, China, and many other regions of Eurasia throughout history. It’s distinguished to note that this technique involves the philosophy that human destinies are determined before birth.

whether this theory is applied, then many things can be gleaned by tracing the lines on a person’s palms. For instance, the number of “marriage lines” on the palms are said to predict an individual’s romantic future. Please refer to the list below for more specific revelations.

Zero marriage lines.

This suggests that you acquire no desire to fancy, that you ignore thinking approximately marriage, and that you may even avoid thinking approximately sex: particularly whether your tendencies acquire prevented you from having it for a long period of time. However, sometimes it takes over twenty years for a marriage line to finally appear; yet, whether you’re married and you still don’t acquire one, then it could be a inferior sign for the future of your marriage.

One Marriage Line.

This indicates that you will likely find your ideal fancy early in life, but there also may be a greater chance that you will lose your fancy before retirement for some unknown reason. However, having one line also means that you acquire more independence than most people attain, so you’ll probably remain overjoyed and peaceful even whether your honest fancy departs.

Multiple marriage lines. 

The majority of human beings acquire multiple marriage lines, but this doesn’t mean that these people are destined to acquire multiple lifelong partners or marriages. Multiple lines are far more nuanced than that, as can be seen below.

Two parallel marriage lines (same lengths).

Unfortunately, this reveals that you could be in for a tumultuous marriage. This is a trademark of people who separate from their partners and reunite frequently.

Two parallel marriage lines (different lengths).

This suggests that you are prone to fitting a portion of fancy triangles, or that you may desire a three-pronged relationship in some other way.

Two non-parallel marriage lines (different lengths).

Sadly, thus indicates that you are more likely to experience separation and divorce at some point throughout your life.

Three marriage lines.

This means that you’ll probably experience a lot of mixed emotions and promiscuity over the course of your life. However, these people also tend to be extremely romantic and passionate.

It’s possible to glean even more info and insights by comparing both hands.

whether the line on the left hand is higher than the right.

This indicates that you are willing to fight for fancy, and that you are willing to risk your well-being and reputation to attain so. More specifically, you may be destined to grow more physically appealing as you age.

whether the line on the right hand is higher than the left hand.

This suggests that you’re an veteran soul, and that you’re likely to marry someone who is older than you. Since you’re so emotionally mature, there’s a suited chance your life-partner or marriage will final at least one lifetime.

whether both lines are perfectly aligned and curved.

This means that you acquire a pure and youthful heart, and that you tend to be gentle when it comes to fancy. You may need a potential partner to manufacture the first fling, but whether they’re right for you, your relationship should final long-term.







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