Naomi Watts Had To fade To David Lynch's House To Read Her 'Twin Peaks' Scripts – Huffington Post

With the “Twin Peaks” countdown nearing its final hours, we still know nearly nothing approximately what the revival of the eccentric ‘90s classic will entail. Neither does Naomi Watts, and she’s in the damn thing.

One of the many “Twin Peaks” rookies who will appear in the 18-episode limited series premiering Sunday on Showtime, Watts wasn’t sent a single script. She had to venture to co-creator David Lynch’s Los Angeles domestic to read her scenes. Even that was cagey: “whether there were five or six lines said before I started speaking, they were crossed out ― blacked out totally,” Watts said Thursday during an interview for next month’s “The Book of Henry.” 

Since she was cast more than a year ago, Watts has had a “difficult” time safeguarding whatever secrets she does know. This was “next-level” confidentiality, but Watts was convinced to “protect” Lynch’s “level of privacy.” It’s not her first Lynchian rodeo, after coarse ― Watts’ breakout moment was the director’s neo-noir psychodrama “Mulholland Drive.” 

The size of Watts’ role is unclear, particularly considering how many other A-listers are joining the original season (Laura Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jim Belushi, Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried, Tim Roth, Ashley Judd, Ernie Hudson). Because Showtime did not release screeners for journalists and critics, coarse we know is that “Twin Peaks: The Return” picks up 25 years after the original series’ culmination, with Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle McLachlan) and other fixtures returning to deepen (and perhaps clarify?) the lingering mysteries surrounding Laura Palmer’s murder.  

Shooting in small-town Washington and parts of Southern California ― “irrational places,” in Watts’ words ― helped avoid paparazzi shots that sometimes leak spoilers from film and television sets. “And it’s piece of the fun,” Watts said. “The not knowing makes it fun. And you trust David because he is who he is. He’s unique. You give yourself over. He’s done it so brilliantly time and time again, and you just relish his small magical world that he’s creating.”

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