Matthew Perry Once Vetoed A 'Friends' Storyline approximately Male Strippers – Huffington Post

Matthew Perry might acquire missed final year’s epic “Friends” reunion, but it was only a matter of time before he ended up across from host Andy Cohen being grilled approximately which cast member he may or may not acquire had sex with. 

That’s what happened when the actor stopped by “Watch What Happens Live” on Thursday night, as he took the erotic seat for a round of “Plead the Fifth.” Perry denied that he got physical with any of his famed “Friends,” but he did reveal which storyline from the long-running sitcom absolutely jumped the shark. 

“There was a storyline on ‘Friends’ where Chandler went to a male strip joint because he really liked the sandwiches,” Perry revealed. “I called up and said, ‘Let’s not execute this one.’”

The NBC powers that be apparently acquiesced and nixed the storyline, but now we can’t benefit but imagine Chandler and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) (you know he’d be game) strutting their stuff onstage, while Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) DJs and the rest of the gang makes it rain. 

Cohen also asked Perry to play “Marry, Shag destroy” with “Friends” co-stars Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, to which he very smartly pleaded the fifth. 

Watch a clip from Perry’s interview below. 

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