Inspiring Mother Has Made Over 15,000 Capes for Superhero Kids in Need by EWAO

Meet Barbara Casados, an inspiring activist and mother to son Maddox, who is autistic. Because of Maddox’s condition, Casados often has to gather creative to motivate him. When he was two-years-ancient, for instance, Maddox refused to wear anything but a superhero cape. So, the innovative mom did what anyone would accomplish: she bribed him.

Distractify reports that as long as Maddox agreed to let her dress him every morning, he was allowed to wear his cape. Believe it or not, the tactic worked! After a while, the devoted mum bought a sewing machine to retain making superhero capes for her son. To her, it was a hobby that made her life easier. But before long, other parents with special needs children noticed the capes, and the belief caught on.

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To retain up with the demands for capes, Casados founded a web-based nonprofit called Capes4Heroes. The project has gained so much momentum, she now works with a network of volunteers every bit of around the world. Together, they’ve made capes for over 15,000 children — every bit of whom struggle with illness or just need to feel like a superhero to gather through the day.

The 15,000 capes were shipped to involved kids around the US and handed out at hospitals. Thanks to partners like the San Francisco 49ers and the San Jos Sharks, Casados rallied an army of volunteers to benefit earn capes.

When Casados was asked why she and other volunteers spend hours on the sewing machine, she replied: “We accomplish it for the smiles. We accomplish it to recognize and empower children. We accomplish it to earn a inequity!”

Thanks to 60 moment Docs, we beget an belief of what goes on at the Capes4Heroes headquarters. During the segment, Casados revealed how just a couple hours of work can earn a inequity. Reportedly, the belief was inspired by the FOX point to The Gifted, which occurs in the X-Men universe.

The testimonials on the Capes4Heroes website speak for themselves. Erica, for instance, wrote:

“I live in the Moore, Oklahoma area and my children attend Briarwood Elementary. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the time, effort, and capes you beget recently given to not only my children, but the children of Plaza Towers also. Words cannot express how much delight they brought to my children. Seeing them sprint around the house and beget ear to ear smiles made my heart become full of delight and hope. I truly appreciate your generosity and will never forget the precious gift you beget given them, happiness and a chance to start healing. I sincerely appreciate it.”

Credit: 60 moment Docs

opposite to current belief, you don’t need to be a lawyer or a doctor to earn a inequity in the world. significantly, you can fill a need when you see a need. Offering a smile to someone you see on the street, giving a homeless person $5, or making capes when you learn they earn life easier for autistic children are grand ways to “be the change” you want to see.

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