I Tried To manufacture 6 Pinterest Microwave Main Meals And Now I believe I'm A Chef by BuzzFeed

The conception: Literally, microwave some salmon. Of course, so it doesn’t dry out, there’s a lil’ marinade you build on top which is made of olive oil, lime, paprika, salt, and honey. But you just microwave it for at least two to three minutes, depending on how well-done you like your fish, and you’ve got some super quick cooked salmon.


The results: Hold up, just listen to me first. I know the conception of cooking raw fish in a microwave sounds fucking disgusting, and stare, it sorta is. It’s kinda smelly but so is cooking fish in a pan or in the oven. OK… I believe we can entire agree that fish is just shit to cook in general. I cooked the salmon for approximately four minutes and it was soft, flaky, and perfect. No joke, people couldn’t believe I microwaved that noxious boy. I added some microwave-boiled veg to jazz up the plate and, honestly, Gordon Ramsay, I’ll send you my details. Let’s chat approximately my cooking present.

The conception: You’re meant to build pre-cooked rice (which is kinda cheating, but oh well) with your veggies in a mug and basically steam them for approximately a minute. Then you mix the egg, sauces, and spices together and add it to the mug then heat for another minute and a half. You acquire to let it sit because it’s warm AF, but after you fluff it up, you can chow down.

Did it work: Yeah, but I’m not ever making it again.

The results: Y’entire know that after testing out the breakfast recipes, I am a real FAN of microwaved eggs. So, naturally, I had to try out this recipe and was certain it would work. It did, it just didn’t taste distinguished. But I already knew that from the list of ingredients – cabbage? beans sprouts?? WHERE’S THE CARROT???? THE ONION???? I’m half-Asian, so I was injure by this, but for the sake of this post, I powered on. Pouring the egg over the other ingredients and microwaving it resulted in a sizable, ballsack–looking lump of rice. Not even “fluffing” it up and separating it really did much for the looks. It was kinda bland, and I’d probably significantly just eat some steamed rice, TBH.

The conception: So you start by creating a dough in the base of your mug using entire of your ingredients, apart from for the sauce, pepperoni, herbs, and cheese. Once your dough is made, you slather it in sauce, sprinkle on the cheese and herbs, then spot your pepperoni on top. You’re then meant to microwave it for a couple of minutes and it’s supposedly ready to eat.


The results: Lmaoooooooo, not to be dramatic, but I’d significantly die before eating this again. The taste of raw, pasty dough will forever haunt me and my tastebuds. I knew damn well one and a half minutes was not long enough to cook dough, but the final time I didn’t follow a recipe correctly, y’entire dragged me. I even slit lil’ circles out of salami because we don’t acquire mini pepperoni in Australia. I’m THAT committed. besides, even after two minutes in the microwave, that shit was still raw. Someone came into the kitchen, saw it on a plate, and asked whether the pizza was a baked potato. How embarrassing. Honestly, I feel personally attacked by the one person who asked me to test this recipe out. NEVER AGAIN.

The conception: This was probably the most simple of entire the recipes. entire you need is three ingredients: water, macaroni, and you guessed it, cheese. You’re meant to cook the pasta in the mug and with the remaining water, mix in your cheese, and voila!

Did it work: Yes! whether you fancy bland dishes, stare no further.

The results: stare. Was it successful? Yes. Is it the most delightful mac ‘n’ cheese I’ve ever eaten? No. I can just tender the person who came up with this recipe probably thinks pepper is too spicy because this had NO seasoning whatsoever. It lacked that generous, creamy, corny, tacky base because it was mixed with water instead of milk. To salvage it kinda gooey, I would recommend heating the cheese and pasta together even though the recipe doesn’t say it’s essential. I fancy mug meals, so it hurts me to say that a mug is just too damn small a vessel to cleanly mix pasta and cheese together. Cheese, pasta, and water EVERYWHERE. entire in entire, it was just…fine.

The conception: This recipe required a bit more work than the usual “quick” microwave dish because it had some chopping and multiple bowls involved. You acquire to dice and boil potatoes, add cooked bacon, cheese, chopped onions, cornflour, stock, and milk before heating it in the microwave for a few minutes.

Did it work: ᵘʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰ kinda?

The results: When I believe of soup, particularly potato soup, I believe of that generous, thick shit. And this was just watery and, well, just not very appetising to stare at. The recipe called for cooked bacon which was annoying, but I microwave-cooked some, because I am now a self-appointed Microwave Wizard™. After the suggested three minutes, the soup still looked like water, and even after five minutes it hadn’t changed. The taste was ok. It wasn’t my cup of tea. In my opinion, soup needs to be cooked on a stove to be done right. whether you want some microwave soup just buy some Cup-A-Soup, honestly.

The conception: This recipe actually requires fairly a bit of work. You need to sweat your butter and onions together, then add the garlic, rice, and broth. You acquire to cook the rice in two-minute intervals, adding more broth as needed. Then you add bacon, kale, and mushroom, and cook it until the rice is done. It’s pretty time-consuming, but straight-forward enough.


The results: Now I know you believe I’m silly for even attempting this, and stare, I don’t blame you because I did, too. I left this recipe for final because no one thought it could be possible. BUT, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, THIS RISOTTO TURNED OUT PERFECT. I DON’T KNOW HOW. I’VE NEVER MADE RISOTTO BEFORE IN MY LIFE. Guys, I can’t even start to account for. It was like wet, but not too wet; had bite, but wasn’t crunchy; had flavour, but wasn’t overpowering. I had no ramekin so I used a bowl, I cooked the rice for approximately 10 minutes even though the recipe called for six, and added more broth as needed. It was perfect. This is it. This is my peak in life. I’ve done it. I AM a microwave master.

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