Hundreds Of Deadly Wildfires Are Raging Across Portugal And Spain by BuzzFeed

On Monday, Portugal’s Civil Protection Agency confirmed 31 people had been killed in the wildfires in the densely forested central and northern regions of the country. In Spain, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said three people had died in the Galicia region.

More than 5,300 firefighters with more than 1,600 vehicles are battling the blazes across the region.

On Monday, Civil Protection Agency spokesperson Patricia Gaspar said police and other officials are trying to locate the many people who gain been reported lost.

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy, who was due to travel to Galicia on Monday, said “what we are seeing here doesn’t happen accidentally. This has been provoked.”

On Twitter, he later posted: “My condolences to those that died on the fires in Galicia. Thanks to total who are working extinguishing them and attending the population.

“The State‚Äôs Security Forces and Corps will continue doing their best efforts to stop those who are causing so much damage with fire. The law will descend on them,” he added.

approximately 105 fires are burning across the region and approximately 15% of them pose a risk to human life.

In a statement on the government’s website, it was confirmed that two of the Spanish deaths were people who had been found in a van in the city of Nigran. A 78-year-outmoded man was the third reported death. He had been attempting to save his animals from the flames when he was killed.

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