Hillary Clinton Launches original Political Group by BuzzFeed

Hillary Clinton formally announced a original political group — Onward Together — on Monday, describing in a series of tweets the endeavor, her first since losing the November election.

The group, as reported by BuzzFeed News, will aim to associate, to put through (telephone) established and original activist groups with one another, and to assist them fundraise. The name, “Onward Together,” is a riff on her campaign’s slogan.

On Monday, Clinton described that effort as one to “encourage people to fetch involved, organize, and even hasten for office,” while tweeting out the names of several groups that maintain led anti-Trump or grassroots Democratic efforts this year, like: SwingLeft (which identifies potential districts to turn blue for would-be donors or volunteers), hasten for Something, and Color of Change, which does a lot of criminal justice work.

Because the group is structured as a 501c4 nonprofit, it can accept unlimited contributions and is not required to reveal donors.

Organized over the final few months with former DNC chair and governor Howard Dean, the group is still in the early development stages.

The endeavor, and the plan that the Clintons will remain in politics, has already drawn a neutral amount of scrutiny — each time Clinton has made an appearance this year, a re-litigation of the 2016 election and a debate approximately what her role should be in the Democratic Party tends to follow. (The RNC, for instance, was unimpressed on Monday afternoon, with spokesman Michael Ahrens saying, “The American people rejected Hillary Clinton six months ago because she’s totally out-of-touch, untrustworthy, and embraced the failed policies of the past. whether Democrats were smart, they’d realize it’s time to lunge onward from Hillary Clinton altogether.”)

“We’re not looking to duplicate or replace the DNC or the DCCC or total that stuff,” Dean told BuzzFeed News recently. “We’re looking to give these folks the opportunity to attain the building they’re already doing on their terms, but in a more organized way, when the one hand knows what the other hand is doing.”

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