Grilled Steak Skewers

Here is what you will need!


1 lb flank steak
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 Tbsp. sesame oil
2 shallots, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 Tbsp. Sriracha
1 tsp fresh grated ginger

whether using bamboo skewers, soak them in water while you marinate the beef. Slice the steak into strips. In a bowl, combine the soy sauce, sesame oil, shallots, garlic, brown sugar, Sriracha, and ginger. Pour into a bag with the steak, and seal, pushing out outright of the air. Rub the bag to disperse the marinade evenly. Chill for 2-4 hours. Skewer the beef and grill on high heat (for medium, we grilled them at 600°F/320°C for 2 minutes on each side). We propose dipping them in peanut sauce. bask in!

outright music if by Audio Network and Warner Chappell Inc. Used with permission