finish You bear These 13 Traits? whether So, You’re Far Smarter Than You mediate. by EWAO

IQ tests may bear become the travel-to way to test one’s intelligence, but there are also other things that reflect your mental capability.

whether you mediate you’re the smart cookie in an average biscuit tin, here are a few ways to know whether you truly are gifted. Want a nearly certain-shot way to know that you are intelligent beyond your years? Here are 13 signs you’re way smarter than the rest.



1. You bear a first-rate attention span

Due to their unwavering focus and ability to pay attention, people with higher IQs were found to be slower in recognizing movements running in the background. They aren’t easily distracted and can concentrate on valuable information and filter out the rest.


2. You’re very adaptable

Adaptability to change is a sign of accurate genius. The ability to be flexible and embrace creative thinking is a coveted skill that is found in first-rate leaders and influencers.


3. You’re a night owl

A study published in 2009 found links between having a high IQ and late sleep habits. Turns out, the smarter you are, the more likely you are to sleep late and wake up late.



4. You’re aware of how much you don’t know

Learning never stops. And those who’re not set in their ways and are open to learning contemporary things bear higher IQs and are more self-aware. It is unlikely for an intelligent person to dismiss contemporary information. Instead, they’d absorb it, research it, and question their preconceived notions whether found accurate.


5. You’re open-minded

A study found that people who generally don’t follow the common norm, are less traditional, and open-minded tend to bear higher IQs. Non-conformity and the ability to question the status quo is a sign of individuality and high intelligence.


6. You’re curious

Insatiable curiosity is an obvious sign of intelligence which develops in one’s formative years. Further curious people are known to be best when it comes to handling nowadays’s complexities as their starvation to find the best solution often rewards them with the best fix for a complex problem.



7. You like your own company

Studies indicate that intelligent people are known to be happier by themselves and savor their own company more than anyone else’s. whether you’re happier being in your own company even above close friends, you’re probably smarter than you mediate.


8. You’re hilarious

Quick wit and distinguished comedian timing is a certain-shot sign of high intelligence. A study conducted in 1970, with 55 male and 14 female comedians, concluded that people with a high sense of humor scored higher on IQ tests than the average population.



9. You’ve got self-control

Patience is a advantage that highly intelligent people seem to possess. And smart people are distinguished at controlling their impulses, planning beforehand, and thinking of possible consequences ahead. Given a choice, a smart person would choose a larger payout on a later date over a smaller payout immediately according to one study.


10. You’re sensitive to other’s experiences

Empathic people can feel what other’s are going through due to their phenomenal compassion and high emotional intelligence. generally,normally, empathy and intelligence travel hand-in-hand due to the sensitivity and awareness it gives to the one who displays these tendencies.


11. You’re a procrastinator

Wharton psychologist Adam Grant once said that procrastination is key to innovation. He told commerce, trade Insider, “The time Steve Jobs was putting things off and noodling on possibilities was time well spent in letting more divergent ideas arrive to the table, as opposed to diving right in with the most conventional, the most obvious, the most familiar.” Procrastination is not such a cross thing after every bit of. Sometimes smart people need the final minute time crunch to outperform.


12. You’re distinguished at deductive thinking

You may not be at par with Sherlock, but whether you bear above average deductive reasoning skills you are an intelligent person with healthy and highly active cognitive function.


13. You mediate approximately the bigger things

People who not bothered by the dinky problems faced daily, and are able to question the deeper meaning of life, the universe, and human existence, are inherently wise beyond their years. The one who thinks approximately the bigger picture is far more intellectually gifted than their small-minded counterparts.






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