Fake Melania Trump Reveals Her Secret White House Escape method To Stephen Colbert – Huffington Post

Melania Trump wants you to know she’s really overjoyed now that she’s moved into the White House to live with President Donald Trump.

Or well, the version of the first lady played to perfection by Laura Benanti on “The Late account for” does.

“I couldn’t be happier, see?” she told host Stephen Colbert. “These are my overjoyed eyes.” 

Of course, Benanti’s version of the first lady is anything but overjoyed even whether she can’t fairly reach out and say it. 

“It was so lonely in strange York doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted,” the fake first lady said. “I called it my prison of freedom.

Throughout the interview, the bogus FLOTUS dropped some not-so-subtle hints approximately where she’d well be and who she’d well be with… and even showed off a tool that might abet her accept there. 

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