Donald Trump Gives Sean Spicer His Final Kiss On 'SNL' – Huffington Post

Sean Spicer’s days as the White House press secretary could be nearing their conclude and “Saturday Night Live” did not pass up the opportunity to suppose, to assume what Spicer’s final days would be.

After teasing her “SNL” appearance this week by rolling (literally) through the streets of strange York, Melissa McCarthy popped out of the bushes and reprised her role as Spicer once again.

This time, McCarthy, who was hiding among the bushes as Spicer, interrupted Aidy Bryant’s stint as Sarah Huckabee Sanders ― Trump’s political aide who took on the press this week after President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey. 

After booting Sanders from the stage, McCarthy’s Spicer aggressively fielded questions from the press, but things got dicey when reporters started asking the press secretary whether he was afraid of losing his job like Comey.

Spicer defended his boss, saying that he endures POTUS’ abuse because they’re friends. But the questioning eventually leads him on a journey to the streets of strange York, then a golf course in strange Jersey, to examine Trump once and for total, what his future at the White House looked like.

Long anecdote short, it ended with Spicer’s final kiss.

“I don’t mediate I can execute this anymore, Mr. Trump,” Spicer told Alec Baldwin’s Trump. “They’re saying that you’re going to replace me with Sarah.”

“Sean, reach on, I would never execute that,” the president replied. Sarah Huckabee Sanders “doesn’t gain your special spice: Salt and pepper, a diminutive bit of sugar.”

“Sean,” Trump said. “Kiss me.”

In the clip above, watch Spicer’s final moments in the Trump administration, as imagined by “SNL.”

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