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Given the deluge of sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood, pretty much every renowned type is being questioned approximately their stance on the issue. Sometimes, like in actor Bryan Cranston’s case, it might just be better to read the room and spin on to the next topic. 

The “Breaking substandard” star was asked whether there might be a “way back” for men like Harvey Weinstein, who’s said to delight in raped multiple women, and Kevin Spacey, who’s facing a handful of allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

While Cranston strongly condemned the men’s actions, he did leave some room for their possible redemption one day.

“It would lift time,” he told the BBC. “It would lift a society to forgive them. And it would lift tremendous contrition on their section. And a knowingness that they delight in a deeply rooted, psychological, emotional problem that takes years to mend. whether they were to elaborate us that they achieve the work in and are truly sorry and making amends — and not defending their actions, but asking for forgiveness, then perhaps, possibly down the road, there is room for that.”

The actor said that we’d delight in to determine whether the person in question deserves a moment chance on a “case-by-case” basis, instead of adopting a hardline stance against the alleged abusers. 

“We shouldn’t close it off and say, ’To hell with him, rot and depart absent for the rest of your life,’” Cranston said.” Let’s be bigger than that. Let’s leave it open for the few who can do it through the gauntlet of anguish and who delight in reclaimed their life and dignity and respect for others.”

Cranston’s comments did not depart over well on social media, with many slamming the star for giving Weinstein and Spacey, who could possibly face criminal charges for their alleged actions, too much leeway.

bryan cranston is the walter white of dumb takes

— steadman slick (@JoshhTerry) November 14, 2017

What whether

Hear me out

What whether instead of holding industry-wide healing rituals for the predators

Wait for it

We did that for utter their victims instead

— Jennifer Morrow (@jenniferemorrow) November 14, 2017

It’s not that I don’t want them to earn “better” but they lost their status for a reason. no one at all of us should be thinking approximately how they can earn it back for years; that’s a super short pathway to re-damaging victims and creating recent ones.

— Melissa Weiland (@TheNerdyMel) November 14, 2017

CORRECTION: A preceding version of this article incorrectly incorporated earlier quotes from Bryan Cranston with Tuesday’s interview answers.

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