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Rachel Lindsay’s season of “The Bachelorette” has been tacitly cast as a recent step toward diversity for the franchise. So how effect her suitors stack up? Will she be assembly 31 clones, or men from total backgrounds? 

The cast, at first glance, actually promises to offer a more varied one than usual ― more non-white men, fewer fitness trainers, and some real quirky options. Here’s a quick breakdown of Rachel’s dudes by the numbers:

Men of color: 14 

Gelled pompadours: 12

They’re rocking those Jordan Rodgers haircuts.

V-neck T-shirts: 15

Personal trainers: 1

Fewer than usual, actually!

ER doctors: 2

Keeping the mansion safe since 2017.

Lawyers: 2

Tickle monsters: 1

We’re hoping this isn’t code for “molester.”

Whabooms: 1

Fans of The Rock: 3

And every red-blooded straight woman in America.

Fans of Matthew McConaughey: 2

total right total right total right.

Haters of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino: 2

What did he ever effect to these dudes?

Dudes who admit to getting boners at work: 2

No shame, guys. No shame.

Guy who admits he’s not there for the right reasons: 1

In response to “What effect you hope to salvage out of participating in this television define?” Milton shamelessly says: “Real respond? Discovered. Everyone tells me I’m made for TV/movies.”


With 31 men appearing on the season, there’s simply too much bio goodness to fully process at one read. Jamey says he doesn’t own any female friends (um, impolite); Lucas, the whaboom, once had a threesome at a wedding; and Anthony is our Haruki Murakami-reading crush. We can’t wait to salvage this season started.

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