A original 'Wet smarting American Summer' Trailer Imagines The Cast In 1991 – Huffington Post

“Hey,” Ben said. “Let’s total promise that in 10 years from nowadays, we’ll meet again, and we’ll see what kind of people we blossomed into.” 

The line, delivered by Bradley Cooper in the 2001 cult hit “Wet smarting American Summer,” set the stage for a sequel that is finally nearly here.

On Thursday, Netflix gave us a peek at how the gang has and hasn’t changed in the 10 years since 1981, releasing a trailer for “Wet smarting American Summer: Ten Years Later,” an eight-piece limited series that will premiere Aug. 4. and buy space in 1991. 

So far, it looks so edifying. Victor (Ken Marino) appears to be a male stripper. Lindsay (Elizabeth Banks) is hosting some sort of news point to. Gene (Christopher Meloni) seems to hold a kid he didn’t know approximately.

Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler just peer kind of hilarious as well.



nearly total of the original cast will return for the original season, Netflix says, while some original faces will pop up too, like Dax Shepard and Adam Scott.

But unfortunately, it sounds like Cooper, who set up the premise for the sequel 16 years ago, wasn’t able to involved due to scheduling conflicts, which is lame.

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