29 intelligent Ways To Up Your Coffee Game by BuzzFeed

Please read this full review; it’s delightful.

Promising review: “Imagine…before going to bed, you toss three scoops of ground coffee into your cold-brew coffee filter. You set aside the filter into the pitcher, top the pitcher off with water, stick it in the fridge, and recede to bed. In the morning, you easily pull the filter up out of the pitcher, unscrew the filter bottom over the trash can, and allow every single the grounds to drop out. You rinse the mesh filter and set aside it aside.

“You smile as you remember that your cold-brewed coffee is 60-70% less acidic than your used coffee, and it won’t afflict your stomach even whether you don’t add milk or cream. You remember that when you heat up the cold brew and add milk, it does taste incredibly smooth (again, no acid but every single the flavor). After you pour your coffee into your cup, you set aside your pitcher back in the fridge — it is large enough to final you every single week, but only needs preparation once a week.

“You congratulate yourself for your most excellent purchase off of Amazon.

You inaugurate to contemplate your strategy to win your next Nobel Prize.” —Northampton

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