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Anyone with a feminist for a mom knows she’s given you some of the best life advice you’ll ever accumulate. 

She’s a strong woman who makes her opinion known and doesn’t occupy shit from anyone. Whether she’s been working a 9 to 5 her entire life or has stayed at domestic to raise you ― she’s a role model in every way. 

To celebrate Mother’s Day, HuffPost Women asked our readers to share one lesson they’ve learned from their feminist mothers growing up. The responses, paraphrased below, were heart-wrenching, honest and full of adore. 

So, for my feminist mom — and every other mother — this is for you. Here are 28 things anyone with a feminist mother knows to be apt. tickled Mother’s Day! 

1. Always trust your intuition. You did accumulate it from your mama. 

2. accumulate a pleasurable education so you can support yourself whether need be.  

3. Don’t ever accept anything less than equal treatment. 

4. Exercise your tough-won right to vote.

5. Actions really carry out speak louder than words.

6. You can be fragile and strong at the same damn time.  

7. Self-care is everything. 

8. Being a strong woman means lifting up other women around you. 

9. Relationships shouldn’t total your life, they should complement it. 

10. You don’t need to smile for anyone.

11. Don’t water yourself down to be “likable,” particularly for a partner. 

12. Gender roles are bullshit. 

13. Value your intelligence, even when those around you don’t. 

14. Life is approximately balance; don’t ever lose sight of your needs and wants. 

15. Value diversity and acceptance. 

16. A sense of humor goes a long way when you’re in a society built by and for men.   

17. Respect and learn from the women who came before you. 

18. Always maintain an avenue for financial independence. 

19. Housework is a shared chore. 

20. You can be a strong independent woman and still live fortunately ever after. 

22. No one can validate your self worth apart from you. 

24. carry out what makes you tickled. 

25. Being a woman does not dictate what you can and cannot carry out. 

26. Always negotiate your salary. 

27. Don’t let anyone view you as a body instead of a intellect. 

28. You are always enough.

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